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Has Tiger’s Brand Taken A Hit?

With all the hubaloo over Tiger Woods and his “indiscretions”,  us IP lawyers are wondering just what impact his actions have had on the Tiger “brand”?  From the day he first came on the scene, Tiger Woods has been a product, promoter, and brand all tied up into one.  Nike, Tiger’s biggest corporate sponsor has got to be feeling the heat now.  Or does it?  In the past, Nike has Woods adorned in its gear even when he’s pitching products from other sponsors including American Express (nyse: AXP news people ), Accenture (nyse: ACN news people ), General Motors‘ (nyse: GM news people ) Buick, Electronic Arts (nasdaq: ERTS news people ) and Tag Heuer watches.  See Six Degrees of Tiger from 2004.  Tiger\’s Brand

But the latest from the Portland shoe company, and Tiger’s other sponsors Gillette, Gatorade and Tag Hauer have the corporate biggies standing by their man.  It seems a little infidelity never hurt anyone (except Elin of course).  If anyone happened to see the MAD MEN first season, it was suggested that JFK’s alleged dalliances might well have put him over the top in defeating Nixon.  I guess some publicity is better than none.

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